Rating System

I rate based on entertainment value, not literary merit. All my reviews consist of my honest thoughts and are centered on how the book makes me feel.

0 stars
I hated it.
Everything about the book was wrong and I weep for the number of trees that had to be cut down for this. I would most likely question the sanity of its publisher and wouldn't even wish this upon my greatest enemy.

I didn't like it.
The negatives outweighed the positives (if any) and I definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I would most likely feel very angry/frustrated when reading this and I couldn't wait to put the book down.

It was ok.
This book wasn't my cup of tea. I felt indifferent to the writing/plot/characters and the whole book was a huge "meh" to me. I wouldn't recommend this one unless your TBR pile is empty and you have nothing else better to do. 

I liked it.
Although the book had a number of flaws, it was still an enjoyable read and I may recommend it to others. However I would most likely never read it again so it is best to borrow it from a library or a friend. I may try other books from the same author in the future.

I really liked it. 
I was engrossed with the book even though there may be a few minor flaws. I would most likely buy and recommend it to others and occasionally reread it from time to time. The rest of the books from the author would definitely be on my to-read list.

I loved it!
No book is perfect, but this one comes really close! Sleep may have been sacrificed while reading this and it would stay in my mind for a a VERY long time. I would most likely pester all my friends to read it and the rest of the books from the author would be an "auto-buy" for me.

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